Become an Ambassador



We created this program for the amazing and inspiring people who make our community.

One part of our vision is to make thousands peoples and their dogs happy all around the world
Our collars are one way to do this, and our ambassador program is another one.

We created this program to ad value in many mores lives,and make more happy people, it's one of our way to contribute to make this world a better place.

Togetheter we have the power to make a real difference and contribute to make this world a better place.

Our Ambassadors are not just a person who we have a partenership with, they're a part of our brand,and an inspiration for others people.


       Click here to join :  https://af.secomapp.com/yuskadesign/register     


What's a Yuska Ambassador?

Our Ambassadors are peoples who loves our work,  and our project , and want to join our adventures.

They earn money to share our project and recommend our collars to their communauty and the people around them.

Each ambassador receives a special promotional code (strictly personal)

When a purchase happen from his referencial, the ambassador receive the 10% in money in the follow 5 days on his bank account.

We prefer to pay real people to recommend ours products rather than putting that money in non-human things like facebook ads or other pubs.


What's the rules to become a Yuska Ambassador?

1.Be a dog owner ( we think the same, it's better to have dog to promote dog collar no? haha :D )

2.Be passionate, enthousiate about our project and love our collar.

3.Have one of our Yuska collar

4.That's it !

Become a Yuska ambassador is open to anyone,not minimum of followers is needed to join us.


Why can I recommend/promote the collars?

 If you use one of our collars ;

You can add your ambassador statut on your social profils with your prmo code.

You also can post pictures or stories about it on your Instagram or Facebook account, and tell the people about your experience with our collars ( the quality, if you dog like it, how it fit him..everything who you make you happy and entousiastic about your Yuska collars ! )

If you walk with your dog and you receive some questions about his Yuska collars, tell the people they can have % off from you and that the worldwide shipping is free!

If you heard about someone in the people around you who's looking for a great dog collars, you can tell them about our collars and give them your code.

If your friends have dog, you can recommend Yuska to them for a amazing collars.

Share your enthousiame about your collars and tell the people about our project, and when someone want to place an order, you give him your promo code and help him to place it if it's needed.


If you need some special informations, pictures of our collars, or help or anything else, please contact us at ambassador.support@yuskadesign.com or via our contact form here.


Also, there's a special support service for our ambassadors,where you can write everyday, anytime,it's ambassador.support@yuskadesign.com. We'll reply within few hours and we'll make antying to help you the best way.


With love

Olivier, François, Claire and Marjo - The Yuska team 


  Click here to join  https://af.secomapp.com/yuskadesign/register