About us - Personalized leather dog collars

     Hello and welcome to our page.


  We created Yuska Design to support a dream, the one of our youngest sister Marjo, who wants to open her own shelter ranch where she can take in and care for abused and abandonned animals and give them a home. Our father was a talented leather artist and we learned the leather work with him when we were children. Almost two years ago, our sister made a collar for our dog Blacky and it worked very well We received many questions about it, and we had the idea to develop that. Our project has grown internationally, and now we are working on it full time. We use the best quality of leather and buckles to make personalized leather dog collars that are made to last. We also customize them so they are individual to each customers. Our mission is to make dogs and humans happy all around the world.

Thanks to you, Marjo will be able to start her Shelter Ranch in 2020.

Thank you


Marjo,Olivier,François and Claire,the Yuska team.


  Our team


Marjo - 14 years old

She's the heart of the project.

An animal advocate, Marjo became a vegan at 8 years old because she could not bear anymore all the cruelty against animals.

She has one horse, Diego, who is her best friend; two dogs, Blacky and Luna; and two cats, Baghuera and Kenzy.

Three of them are rescues.



Olivier - 22 years old

The man of the situation.

Very intelligent and strong,whatever the challenge, he always has the solution.

He helps Marjo with all of the collars - dying them, fixing buckles, whatever is needed.

He's our champ.



Claire - 23 years old

The head of our project, she takes charge of all of the customers orders, shipping, administration, and our social media and emails.

She's a truly hard worker, our inspiration.



François - 19 years old

He's the motivator of our team, who always make us laugh and keep a smile on our faces, our lucky charm.

Thanks to him, working is a pleasure. He work on the collars' fabrication and processing.