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I couldn’t be happier with this collar! Marjo is absolutely wonderful to work with and helped me with the design. The collar is very well made, it fits my Italian Greyhound perfectly and gets so many comments from other people who love it! I think this collar will last a lifetime! 


Amazing quality and craftsmanship

Marjo puts her heart and soul into making these collars. They come crafted so beautifully and filled with love in every inch. The craftsmanship is superb from the leather to the buckles. They fit perfectly on my dogs and fit their personalities all so well. 


My favourite collar!

I ordered one collar for my dog, and it's just perfect! Beautiful work! Very original, with my dog's name written on it, the quality seems very good, and the size is also perfect. If you want a high quality, hand made, one of a kind collar, do not hesitate!!!!!


Gorgeous collar

We just received our collar today, and I couldn’t be more pleased with how it turned out! Gorgeous real leather! It was so fun too pick out what we wanted on the collar with a lot of different options. If you want a high quality collar that will last I highlyyrecommend. ☺️


Beautiful and unique handcraft

We got two wonderful collars for our two borzois. They were even more beautiful than I could hope for and the quality are so high. An unique idea and beautiful handcraft in one.

Lykke Andersen